Press Releases

1/10/2017 JM
A farmer of st. Joseph Mission in lufwanyama has implored government to make the chemicals for Army worms available.
1/10/2017 JM
Lufwanyama District Agricultural Officer Lubungo Chewe has revealed that the district has received more than 1,489 litres of chemicals to combat the spread of army worms in the district.
1/9/2017 JM
An Environmentalist based in Kitwe has warned that depletion of wetlands may be costly in any country.
1/8/2017 JM
The Zambia Volunteers Network (ZVN) has comended president Edgar Lungu for his commitment towards youth empowerment.
Junior president ended on the 20th of November with a tight competition of 8 young passionate...
1/5/2017 Christopher Chisala Backdwelly
Young ambassadors movement is team packed with leaders determined to make a difference and contribute to national development.
7/7/2015 Isidoros Karderinis
ATHENS, Greece – The new dramatic novel from author Isidoros Karderinis, “The Damned” (published by AuthorHouse), depicts the life of an Afghan family forced by socio-economic circumstances to leave their native country and live.